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Accedi Ora

Zero Impact Green building terracotta tiled floors

Differentiated waste collection

In the production plant and in the management and commercial offices, a differentiated waste collection of quality is carried out in collaboration with "Ecologia Oggi"  a public waste collection company. The primary aim is to reduce the amount of non-recyclable residue as much as possible and to recover reusable raw materials.

Recycling of production materials

In the Cotto Cusimano plant, a primary recycling of uncooked clay waste is carried out, which is mixed with dried clay in the quarry during summer sun; a secondary recycling concerns the terracotta discarded to quality control or recovered in the stages of cutting and tumbling. In addition, the exhausted oil is also reused for the lubrication of the chains of the dryer. All this leads to lower consumption of non-renewable natural resources and a significant reduction in the volume of waste.

Natural material

Terracotta,  natural and inert material. The terracotta is among the building materials the one with lower emission of radon, composed of clay and water, does not yield harmful compounds in the environment during its life, and facilitates natural disposal even after the demolition of the artifact. In fact it is an excellent inert, relatively light and draining. In addition, for laying in place and maintenance does not need chemical treatments harmful to the ecosystem.

Water recycling

The water used for cutting the terracotta, washing the moulds and wetting is completely recycled. The only water that is still dispersed in the environment is the water that is formed during drying in the form of water vapour. In the last 2 years, the application of these important procedures has led to an overall decrease of 3/4 in annual consumption.

Quarry at zero Kilometer 

The quarry is zero km. The quarry is adjacent to the plant, which leads to a substantial reduction in transport and distribution costs, a lower impact on congestion on rubber and a consequent reduction in gas emission into the atmosphere.


Cotto Cusimano helps to reduce the environmental impact. In the course of the production process, the measures adopted help to reduce pollution through the use of methane as a fuel with energy recovery, as well as hot gases with combustion fumes, by means of air-to-air heat exchanger, and cold hot gases, used in direct duty.

Cotto Cusimano, real baked handmade

The company invests energies and resources to offer an extraordinary and unique product, with the production of floor coverings and tiles in traditional terracotta. The production of armed tiles and of products with lining in exposed stone is stimulated by modern plannings, with a close attention to the use of natural materials.



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